Steve's Alternate History Site

Where alternate history comes alive! =)

Hello, and welcome to my site!

Hello folks. I'm an alternate history aficionado who has been involved in the A.H. community for a couple of years now, and after years of procrastination, and just plain lack of time, I've finally got my own website. 

For those of you who might ask, "What is 'Alternate History'?", it is a relatively niche, though ever expanding, literary genre which focuses on the question of "What If?",  such as more mainstream questions like, "What If the Confederacy had won the Civil War?", or "What if J.F.K. had survived the assassination attempt in Dallas in Nov. 1963?", or some more alternative scenarios, like, "What if the Beatles had never formed?", or "What if John DeLorean hadn't gotten into drug troubles?", or even truly unique ones, like, "What if the dinosaurs never went extinct?". This is just a small sample of the questions that people might ask. 

I first got into AH several years ago, thanks to my being introduced to stuff like the works of Harry Turtledove, Tony Jones, Robert Sobel's "For Want of a Nail"(or more specifically, the "For All Nails" unofficial fan sequel project.), and Dave Johnson's classic "Trolley World" story. It then branched off from there, and I've been hooked ever since. I have even started writing my own stories within the past couple of years. 

Well, that's it for now, but I hope you enjoy the site. =)

-Steve L., aka "AlternateSteve".